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Book Blitz | Play it again + Sorteo

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Tenía planeado publicar este Book Blitz ayer, pero ando sin internet (benditos datos de los móviles XD), así que se me van a juntar un poquito las cosillas :D Pero espero que os interese el libro, y que participéis en el sorteo ^^

Tïtulo: Play it again
Autora: Ashley Stoyanoff
Saga: PRG Investigations
Fecha de publicación: 4 de agosto de 2015
Géneros: New Adult, Romance
Ten days ago, someone threw a brick through my front window. Nine days ago, someone keyed my truck right in my driveway. Eight days ago, someone spray painted the words ‘stay away’ across my garage door. That one really pissed me off. The jerk didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me what the hell I need to stay away from.
Each day it’s something new, a new piece of my property vandalized, and I’ve had enough.
Wanting a security system, something with cameras so I can catch the vandal, I let my best friend hook me up with her cousin, a private investigator with the PRG Investigations team.
His name is Vance and I’ve secretly been in love with him for three years. He’s a badass, a little scary, incredibly hot, and he’s never showed an interest in me … until now.

Hace diez días alguien lanzó un ladrillo a través de la puerta de entrada de mi casa. Hace nueve días alguien puso mi camión en mi camino de entrada. Hace ocho días alguien escibió con spray en la puerta de mi garaje las palabras 'aléjate'. Esa realmente me irritó. El capullo ni siquiera tuvo la cortesía de decirme de qué demonios debo mantenerme alejada.
Cada día es algo nuevo, una nueva pieza de mi propiedad vandalizada; y ya he tenido suficiente.
Como quiero un sistema de segurdad, algo con cámaras para poder pillar al vándalo, dejo que mi mejor amiga me enrolle con su primo, un investigador privado del Equipo de Investigaciones PRG.
Su nombre es Vance y yo llevo tres años secretamente enamorada de él. Él es un malote, un poco aterrador, increíblemente sexy y nunca ha mostrado interés en mí... hasta ahora.
Ashley Stoyanoff is an author of paranormal romance books for young adults, including The Soul's Mark series and the Deadly Trilogy. She lives in Southern Ontario with her husband, Jordan, and two cats: Tanzy and Trinity.
In July 2012, Ashley published her first novel, The Soul's Mark: FOUND, and shortly thereafter, she was honored with The Royal Dragonfly Book Award for both young adult and newbie fiction categories.
An avid reader, Ashley enjoys anything with a bit of romance and a paranormal twist. When she's not writing or devouring her latest read, she can be found spending time with her family, watching cheesy chick flicks or buying far too many clothes.
Ashley loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to connect with her online.

Ashley Stoyanoff es una autora de libros de romance paranormal para jóvenes adultos, incluyendo la saga They Soul's Mark y la trilogía The Deadly. Vive en Ontario del Sur con su marido, Jordan, y sus dos hijos: Tanzy y Trinity.
En julio de 2012 Ashley publicó su primera novela, The Soul's Mark: FOUND, y poco después le dieron el premio The Royal Dragonfly Book Award tanto por la categoría 'novata del género juvenil' como por la de 'novata de ficción'.
Una ávida lectora, Ashley disfruta de cualquier cosa con un poco de romance y con giros paranormales. Cuando no está escribiendo o devorando su última lectura, se la puede encontrar pasando tiempo con su familia, viendo películas románticas o comprando demasiada ropa.
A Ashley le encanta escuchar a sus lectores, así que siéntete libre de contactar con ella online.

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“You know,” Piper says, settling in, pulling her legs up under her. “I think this is exactly what I needed. I don’t remember ever feeling this relaxed. Not even in Mexico.”
I laugh. “We’ll have to make this a regular thing then.”
She looks at me, a tiny frown tugging her lips. “Do you do this a lot?”
“Do what?” I ask curiously.
“Make picnics and bring girls out here,” she asks, her voice hesitant, as though maybe she doesn’t actually want to hear the answer.
I stare at Piper.
She stares right back at me.
Jesus, she sounds … jealous. She looks it, too.
It’s a pretty look on her.
Always so damn pretty.
I grin at her, and then pull the lid off the cooler, reaching in and retrieving a beer.
“You’re the first,” I say, twisting off the cap and handing it to her. “Don’t bring too many people out here, actually.”
Her eyes widen. “What?”
“You’re the first,” I say again, reaching over to her, lightly trailing the back of my knuckles along the curve where her neck and shoulder meets. It’s a barely there touch, but the contact makes her shiver and blush. “And I’ve never made a picnic for anyone before you either.”
“I, uh, I …” her blush deepens and her voice wobbles. “Really?”
She’s nervous and she takes a long pull from her beer.
“Really,” I say, letting my hand fall away, wanting to put her at ease. I reach into the cooler, grabbing a beer for myself, twisting it open.
When I glance back at her, she’s staring at me, confused, as though I haven’t answered her question at all, so I decide to elaborate.
“This is my getaway, the place I come to clear my head. The guys come out with me every once in a while, but for the most part I keep the boat to myself. It’s … special to me, sacred even. I don’t bring just anyone out here.”
“So it’s a special place,” she reiterates, surprised. “Your special place.”
I take a pull from my beer. “Essentially, yeah.”
My response relaxes her, and she beams at me as though being here makes her special, too.
It does.
She is special to me.
♥ Sorteo ♥

Y esto es todo por hoy, intentaré publicar algo más esta semana, porque es la última que me queda antes de irme de vacaciones, pero hasta el miércoles tengo que tirar de internet del móvil... y no sé cuánto udrará XDD

¡Nos leemos! ♥

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