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Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Kissing Under the Mistletoe 9, Bella Andre

Title: Kissing under the mistletoe | Series: 9/16
Author: Bella Andre | Nº pages: 400 | Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9780778316930
Buy: Amazon (16,04€)


For Mary Sullivan Christmas is, and always has been, about family. And this year is no different. As she awaits the arrival of her eight children and their partners at the cottage in Lake Tahoe, she hangs the ornaments that they made for her over the years. Each decoration brings with it a tide of memories, all of which she holds dear to her heart. But when she comes across the oldest ornament, the one her beloved husband, Jack, gave her on their very first Christmas together, Mary is immediately swept back to the first days of their whirlwind romance, to the love that would be the foundation on which they built the family she is so proud to call her own.


I didn't know Bella Andre, nor her books. I discovered her when I bought All I Want for Christmas a Christmas novels recopilation made by Brenda Novak for diabetes research. The first book of this recopilation was Kissing Under the Mistletoe, the ninght book of the Sullivan Family series by Bella Andre. I started reading it even though I haven't read any other book of this series because if it's part of a recopilation of novels... I guessed it could be read independently. And I was right.

All I want for Christmas
For those of you who don't know this series yet, you need to know that, even though it's a pretty long series (16 books so far), every book can be read independently, the same way I could read the ninth without reading the previous ones.

This series is about the Sullivan family, in which are four Sullivan brothers and their wives (and one of them is the main character of this ninth part), and their respective sons and daughters. Well, as I saw at Goodreads, the 9 first books are about this book's couple and their eight kids, then we find the book about Jack's brothers and their onw kids. You can find diferent serialization, because I numbered it as just one and only series, while other divide the "San Francisco Sullivans", "Boston Sullivans" etc.

In this book we find Mary and Jack, and thier sweet and romantic relationship. At first, we are at present time, at Christmas time, looking how Mary is putting the ornaments on their tree, and remembering all kind of past things. And, of course, one of them is her love to the man she met and fell in love with so many years before. Then we go back in time to the moment when the two met each other.

Jack is the typicall sexy, smart and funny guy, he's sure of himself and is sure about what he wants and what not. When he meets Mary, he doesn't only see a beautifyl and stunning girl that will change his entire life, but also a chance to go on with his invention, the product in which has invested his last 10 years.

Mary, on the other hand, is wary and distrustful, even thought Jack makes her feel secure. She has had some bad experiences with guys before, and as a really famous model, she's used of guys liking her for being perfect and not for how she really is. This are some of the reasongs why she wants things to go slowlly with Jack, but what our mind wants and what our heart and body wants aren's allways the same...

Their story is typicall and not too original, there aren's any plot twist and it's really similar to any Christmas film you can see on TV. But anyway, it's a real sweet and romantic read, and I'm sure you will enjoy it if you are looking for an easy and quick read. The only negative thing I could say about this book is that the epiogue is way too long.. it makes a "quick" summary of Jack's and Mary's first year together, and I think that even if it could have been interesting, it should have been shorter and not that long.

In short, I'm looking forward to reading other books in the series. I know I won't do it right now, but I will definitely will. I think that, being this the ninth book, the first ones can be even more interesting because everything is knew and the characters can be introduced more refreshingly.


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