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martes, 16 de febrero de 2021

Reseña | End zone heat

End zone heat | Sienna Blake / Meara Davies
TÍTULO: End zone heat
AUTORA: Meara Davies / Sienna Blake
GÉNERO: Roamnce contemporáneo
EDITORIAL: Etopia Press
Adam Collins, the star quarterback for the Razorbacks, has a secret. The world knows him as a skirt-chasing ladies' man, but that's all a lie. Adam is gay. He's been hiding his desires for years, afraid that admitting the truth will disrupt the team and end his career. But when Adam is targeted by a vindictive fan, the team owner assigns a hot, alpha bodyguard to protect him—whether Adam wants it or not. Dyson Drake is big, tough, and professional...and he loves men. Having the gruff bodyguard protecting him day in and day out makes it impossible for Adam to control his desire. But with desire comes risks. And Adam soon learns his secret is not safe. He's facing the most difficult choice of his life—secrecy or desires—and the clock is running out.
Dyson Drake excels at being a badass, no-nonsense bodyguard. He's been hired to protect Adam, and that's not going to be easy. Not only is some crazy fan sending him threatening letters, but Adam has just broken up with one of the team's cheerleaders, causing all kinds of headaches for everyone. Dyson is attracted to Adam from the start. Who wouldn't be? The guy is handsome, talented, and has the body of a god. He's also surprisingly down to earth...for a rich and famous sports star. When Adam surprises him with a passionate kiss, Dyson is determined to make Adam beg to be dragged into his bed. But when Adam refuses to come out, things turn rough. Dyson can't stand liars and hypocrites, and Adam's secret is not only going to destroy their undeniable connection, but it might ruin the quarterback as well. Yet, the truth comes with its own risks, and this time, love is on the goal line.