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Reseña | Five fake dates

martes, 14 de julio de 2020
Five fake dates | DJ Jamison
TÍTULO: Five fake dates
AUTORA: D.J. Jamison
GÉNERO: New adult
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
I've got it bad for my best friend, but he's only had eyes for my sister since we were kids. I don't know what I'll do if they hook up--especially after a drunken kiss West doesn't seem to remember. Seeing them together just might kill me, but being the good friend I am, I offer to help him however I can. FML.
Ever since a drunken kiss we haven't talked about, I've been seeing Adam in a new light. Trouble is, he thinks I want his sister. This whole bisexual awakening thing is scary, and I don't want to risk our friendship by moving too fast. But when Adam mocks my dating skills, I come up with a genius plan: Five Fake Dates.

Reseña | Fake it 'til you make out

sábado, 4 de julio de 2020
Fake it 'til you make it | Love & luck #1 | Isla Olsen
TÍTULO: Fake it 'til you make out
AUTORA: Isla Olsen
EDITORIAL: Moonwalker Press
SAGA: Love & luck #1
It’s a classic story: Boy meets girl, girl breaks boy’s heart, boy pretends to be gay to get back at girl, girl outs boy to everyone on Facebook
Okay, maybe it’s not that classic. But it’s what happened to me.
When I bump into my cheating ex and catch sight of the moon-sized rock on her finger, there’s only one option to save face: pretend to be dating my gay best friend, Declan.
And when she outs me on Facebook and everyone I know sees it, there’s still only one option: keep pretending to be dating Declan.
And when Declan and I have to kiss to keep up the ruse and it turns out there’s actually a spark between us (more like a blazing inferno, if truth be told) there’s once again only one option…

Reseña | Nota que estoy aquí

jueves, 2 de julio de 2020
Nota que estoy aquí | Anyta Sunday
Nota que estoy aquí
AUTORA: Anyta Sunday
GÉNERO: New Adult
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado

Jacob está en un apuro económico y necesita encontrar compañero de piso de forma urgente ¿y qué mejor manera de conseguirlo que poner anuncios por todo el campus? Pero parece que alguien está haciéndolos desaparecer, lo que lleva a Jacob a escribir al misterioso ladrón de anuncios quien, contra pronóstico, contesta a su nota.
¿Pero quién es este Sr. X con quién ha empezado a intercambiar mensajes?
¿Y cómo es posible que Jacob se esté enamorando de él?

Reseña | Superhero

jueves, 18 de junio de 2020
Superhero | Eli Easton
TÍTULO: Superhero
AUTORA: Eli Easton
GÉNERO: Romance, Juvenil
EDITORIAL: Dreamspinner Press

It’s not easy for a young gay artist like Jordan Carson to grow up in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where all anyone seems to care about in middle school and high school are the sports teams. But Jordan was lucky. He met Owen Nelson in the second grade, and they’ve been BFFs ever since. Owen is a big, beautiful blond and their school’s champion wrestler. No one messes with Owen, or with anyone close to him, and he bucks popular opinion by keeping Jordan as his wingman even after Jordan comes out at school.
Their friendship survives, but Jordan’s worst enemy may be himself: he can’t seem to help the fact that he is head-over-heels in love with a hopeless case—his straight friend, Owen. Owen won’t let anything take Jordan’s friendship away, but he never counted on Jordan running off to find a life of his own. Owen will have to face the nature of their relationship if he’s to win Jordan back.

Reseña | Want me

miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2020
Want me | Extracurricular activities #1 | Neve Wilder
Want me
AUTORA: Neve Wilder
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
SAGA: Extracurricular activities #1
Living with four other guys, it's bound to happen.
Every guy's been caught taking care of business at least once, right?
It shouldn't be a big deal.
But I don't know Eric as well as my other roommates, and things are a little awkward now.
He's a loner. A mystery. Quietly confident. Smart.
Sexy as hell.
I've been happily subsisting on the typical frat guy diet of booze and sorority girls.
But the way Eric looked at me that night?
There was something there.
Something that's got me curious.
Something that's stirring up feelings I thought I'd left behind for good.
Something that's making me think I'm not as straight as I thought I was.
I can't get him off of my mind.
I don't think I want to.
So when he offers to help me study for a midterm, I take him up on it.
It's innocent.
Probably. Maybe.
There's no way I could've known what it'd start...

Reseña | Hood River Rat

martes, 19 de mayo de 2020
Hood River Rat | K. Webster
TÍTULO: Hood River rat
AUTORA: K. Webster
GÉNERO: Juvenil, New Adult, LGBT
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
SAGA: Hood River Hoodlums #1
Hood River was supposed to be the change I needed.
A fresh start.
An escape from my painful past.
Better in every way.
I’m a popular guy. Approachable. I make friends easily.
Cool car. Nice clothes. Good attitude.
Everything will be fine.
School is school.
I’ll keep my head down until graduation and try not to stick out.
College will be here before I know it.
Yet my first day proves to be anything but easy.
The Hood River Hoodlums—our school’s most notorious group of bad boys—have put a target on my back.
Their leader, Roan, hates me.
He calls me Rat.
To him and his friends, I’m a loser who doesn’t belong at their school.
I could pretend I don’t care about their hate.
If only Roan wasn’t so hot.
He’s mean, cruel, and sexy as hell.
My nemesis is impossible to ignore…and a secret part of me doesn’t want to.
Here I thought being gay was the worst of my problems.
Turns out, being gay and crushing on your enemy takes the cake.

Reseña | Shades of Henry

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2020
Shades of Henry 1
TÍTULO: Shades of Henry
AUTORA: Amy Lane
GÉNERO: New adult, LGBT, Drama
EDITORIAL: Dreamspinner Press
SAGA: The flophouse #1
One bootstrap act of integrity cost Henry Worrall everything—military career, family, and the secret boyfriend who kept Henry trapped for eleven years. Desperate, Henry shows up on his brother’s doorstep and is offered a place to live and a job as a handyman in a flophouse for young porn stars.
Lance Luna’s past gave him reasons for being in porn, but as he continues his residency at a local hospital, they now feel more like excuses. He’s got the money to move out of the flophouse and live his own life—but who needs privacy when you’re taking care of a bunch of young men who think working penises make them adults?
Lance worries Henry won’t fit in, but Henry’s got a soft spot for lost young men and a way of helping them. Just as Lance and Henry find a rhythm as den mothers, a murder and the ghosts of Henry’s abusive past intrude. Lance knows Henry’s not capable of murder, but is he capable of caring for Lance’s heart?

Reseña | When everything is blue

martes, 12 de mayo de 2020
When everything is blue
TÍTULO: When everything is blue
AUTORA: Laura Lascarso
EDITORIAL: Dreamspinner Press
When they were kids, Chris Mitcham rescued Theo from the neighborhood bullies and taught him how to “be cool.” Now, years later, Theo’s developed feelings for his best friend that arise at the most inopportune times. Theo hates lying to Chris, but in coming out, he might lose the one person who understands him best, a risk he’s not willing to take.
When a relationship with another young man goes south, Theo is forced to confront his own sexuality along with his growing attraction to Chris and his stunted, tenuous relationship with his father. Will Chris abandon Theo when he learns the truth, or will he stand by him in this tumultuous season of self-discovery?
In this quirky coming-of-age romance, Theo’s path to manhood is fraught with awkward firsts and a few haters, but also the unexpected comfort of a friend turned lover.

Reseña | Strong side

domingo, 3 de mayo de 2020
Strong side 1
TÍTULO: Strong side
AUTORA: Alison Hendricks
GÉNERO: New Adult, LGBT, Deportes
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
SAGA: Eastshore Tigers #1
Jason Hawkins is about to throw the biggest Hail Mary pass of his career.
If he can't turn NFL recruiters' heads this year, he'll lose his shot at the one thing he's ever been good at. But every quarterback needs a man he can count on down-field. For Jason, that man just might be the Tigers' new receiver, Derek Griffin.
Four years ago, Derek nearly lost everything after being outed by his teammates.
Now he finally has a chance to get it all back as a walk-on for Eastshore College... if he can resist his immediate attraction to the gorgeous and very straight star quarterback.
An instant connection during practice leads to an easy friendship that only grows stronger off the field. Derek is convinced friendship is all it'll ever be, but a very confusing moment of impulse leaves both of them fumbling for answers about their relationship.
As curiosity gives way to passion and passion gives way to something deeper, Jason and Derek will have to tackle their own personal demons to bring home the win and earn their happy ending.

Reseña | Out, proud, and prejudiced

jueves, 30 de abril de 2020
Out, proud, and prejudiced
TÍTULO: Out, proud, and prejudiced
AUTORA: Megan Reddaway
LGBT, New Adult, Retelling
EDITORIAL: Wild Romance Books

Quick-tempered Bennet Rourke dislikes Darius Lanniker on sight. Darius may be a hotshot city lawyer, but that doesn’t give him the right to sneer at Bennet, his friends, and their college. It doesn’t help that Bennet’s restaurant job has him waiting at Darius’s table. So when his tutor recommends him for an internship at Darius’s Pemberley estate, Bennet isn’t sure he wants it. He’s also not sure he can afford to turn it down.
Darius is a fish out of water in the small college town of Meriton, but something keeps pulling him back there. He’s helping out a friend with business advice, nothing more. If he’s interested in Bennet, it’s not serious. Sure, Bennet challenges him in a way no other man has. But they have nothing in common. Right?
Wrong. Their best friends are falling in love, and Bennet and Darius can’t seem to escape each other. Soon they’re sharing climbing ropes and birthday cake, and there’s a spark between them that won’t be denied. But betrayal is around the corner. Darius must swallow his pride and Bennet must drop his prejudices to see the rainbow shining through the storm clouds.

Reseña | Soundtrack, la banda sonora de nuestra vida

martes, 28 de abril de 2020
Soundtrack, la banda sonora de nuestra vida
TÍTULO: Soundtrack, la banda sonora de nuestra vida
AUTORA: Elena Castillo Castro
GÉNERO: Juvenil || Young Adult / New Adult

Tras cada canción hay una gran historia de amor.
La vida de Sissi Star es un recopilatorio de grandes éxitos musicales, en su mayoría originados por los hermanos Butler. Jamás pensó que al mudarse a Greenwich (Connecticut) su vecino Matty recolocaría los acordes de sus sentimientos mientras Dean los descolocaba. De cantar en el banco de su ventana pasará a la realidad de triunfar en los mejores escenarios.
Para ello, Sissi romperá y recompondrá su corazón tantas veces como diferentes combinaciones de notas es capaz de componer. Del primer amor al último en 22 tracks que conforman la más bonita de las bandas sonoras para tres corazones destinados a estar juntos.

Reseña | Top secret

martes, 21 de abril de 2020
Top secret
TÍTULO: Top secret
AUTORAS: Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen
EDITORIAL: Tuxbury Publishing

LobsterShorts, 21
Jock. Secretly a science geek. Hot AF.
LobsterShorts: So. Here goes. For her birthday, my girlfriend wants…a threesome.
SinnerThree: Then you’ve come to the right hookup app.
LobsterShorts: Have you done this sort of thing before? With another guy?
SinnerThree: All the time. I'm an equal opportunity player. You?
LobsterShorts: [crickets!]

SinnerThree, 21
Finance major. Secretly a male dancer. Hot AF.
SinnerThree: Well, I’m down if you are. My life is kind of a mess right now. School, work, family stress. Oh, and I live next door to the most annoying dude in the world. I need the distraction. Are you sure you want this?
LobsterShorts: I might want it a little more than I’m willing to admit.
SinnerThree: Hey, nothing wrong with pushing your boundaries...
LobsterShorts: Tell that to my control-freak father. Anyway. What if this threesome is awkward?
SinnerThree: Then it’s awkward. It’s not like we’ll ever have to see each other again. Right? Just promise you won’t fall in love with me.
LobsterShorts: Now wouldn’t that be life-changing...

Reseña | Him

sábado, 4 de abril de 2020
Him 1
AUTORA: Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen
GÉNERO: New Adult, LGBT, Deportes
EDITORIAL: Rennie Road Books
SAGA: Him #1
They don’t play for the same team. Or do they?
Jamie Canning has never been able to figure out how he lost his closest friend. Four years ago, his tattooed, wise-cracking, rule-breaking roommate cut him off without an explanation. So what if things got a little weird on the last night of hockey camp the summer they were eighteen? It was just a little drunken foolishness. Nobody died.
Ryan Wesley’s biggest regret is coaxing his very straight friend into a bet that pushed the boundaries of their relationship. Now, with their college teams set to face off at the national championship, he’ll finally get a chance to apologize. But all it takes is one look at his longtime crush, and the ache is stronger than ever.
Jamie has waited a long time for answers, but walks away with only more questions—can one night of sex ruin a friendship? If not, how about six more weeks of it? When Wesley turns up to coach alongside Jamie for one more hot summer at camp, Jamie has a few things to discover about his old friend... and a big one to learn about himself.

Reseña | La canción del lobo

domingo, 29 de marzo de 2020
La canción del lobo 1
TÍTULO: La canción del lobo
AUTOR: T.J. Klune
GÉNERO: Romance paranormal, Juvenil, LGBT, New Adult
SAGA: Green Creek #1
Ox nunca tuvo a nadie, hasta que un extraño chico le tendió la mano y lo condujo a un mundo donde lo maravilloso es posible. Le dio un hogar. Una familia. Una manada. Pero allí donde vive lo increíble también lo hacen las pesadillas. Y aunque Ox es solo un humano, muy pronto deberá alzar su aullido y pelear con uñas y dientes por quienes ama.

Reseña | Off campus

jueves, 27 de febrero de 2020
Off campus 1, Amy Jo Cousins
TÍTULO: Off campus
AUTORA: Amy Jo Cousins
EDITORIAL: Samhain Publishing
SAGA: Bend or break #1
Everyone's got secrets. Some are just harder to hide.
With his father's ponzi scheme assets frozen, Tom Worthington believes finishing college is impossible unless he can pay his own way. After months sleeping in his car and driving a pirate taxi for cash, he's ready to do just that.
But his new, older-student housing comes with an unapologetically gay roommate. Tom doesn't ask why Reese Anders has been separated from the rest of the student population. He's just happy to be sleeping in a bed.
Reese isn't about to share his brutal story with his gruff new roommate. You've seen one homophobic jock, you've seen 'em all. He plans to drag every twink on campus into his bed until Tom moves out. But soon it becomes clear Tom isn't budging.
Tom isn't going to let some late-night sex noise scare him off, especially when it's turning him on. But he doesn't want any drama either. He'll keep his hands, if not his eyes, to himself. Boundaries have a way of blurring when you start sharing truths, though. And if Tom and Reese cross too many lines, they may need to find out just how far they can bend...before they break.

Reseña | Supernatural academy. Year one

viernes, 21 de febrero de 2020
Supernatural academy. Year one 1
TÍTULO: Supernatural academy. Year one
AUTORA: Jaymin Eve
GÉNERO: Fantasía, New Adult
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
SAGA: Supernatural academy #1
Maddison James is about to discover some truths about the world.
Firstly… supernaturals exist.
Secondly… she is one, even though no one seems to know exactly what kind.
Double WTF.
Thirdly… she’s about to go back to school.
Well, things just got a little more interesting.
The Supernatural Academy is where shifters, vampires, magic users, and fey are educated. Where they are taught about their abilities, and how to function in the human world. Maddison already has the human part down, but this supernatural thing is an entirely new dangerous game.
Example one: mean girls who can actually turn you into a frog.
Example two: Asher Lock, a god at the Academy. Not literally … well, who knows for sure. He certainly acts the part, as do all of his minions who worship him.
Asher drives her crazy, because apparently snarly, gorgeous, and arrogant is her thing, and despite their mutual dislike, sparks fly between them. The more they’re thrown together, the more Asher is determined to figure out what’s been blocking her abilities.
Until the moment the truth is revealed, and they find out nothing in this supernatural world is what they thought.

Reseña | Ángel caído

miércoles, 29 de enero de 2020
Ángel caído, Anyta Sunday
TÍTULO: Ángel caído
AUTORA: Anyta Sunday
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
SAGA: The Christmas Angel #6 (independiente)
Pax Polo es el intrépido guitarrista de Serenity Free.
Mejor dicho: era el intrépido guitarrista de Serenity Free.
Ahora tiene un ojo morado y, a solo tres semanas de Navidad, sus colegas le han echado del grupo. Lo que ha supuesto una inesperada patada en su enorme e infladísimo ego. Pero... qué se le iba a hacer.
Sin problema.
Porque, gracias a una conversación que escucha a escondidas, al adorno de un ángel navideño que cae inesperadamente en sus manos y a un soborno con el que podría lograr ser telonero de su banda favorita, Pax conseguirá congraciarse con quienes él cree son sus mejores amigos.
Todo lo que tiene que hacer es entablar amistad con Clifford, el gruñón del vecindario, y distraerle un poco para que su hermana pequeña pueda escabullirse y disfrutar de sus vacaciones de verano. Superfácil. Beethoven para principiantes. La mar de divertido.
Y es que Pax es buenísimo haciendo amigos. Tiene un montón de ellos. Y engatusar a Clifford, la Furia, no debería resultarle para nada complicado. ¿O sí?

Reseña | Pisces hooks Taurus

martes, 5 de noviembre de 2019
Pisces hooks Taurus 4, Anyta Sunday
TÍTULO: Pisces hooks Taurus
AUTORA: Anyta Sunday
EDITORIAL: Autopublciado
SAGA: Signos de amor #4
Es el momento de buscar y de encontrar, Piscis: sigue echando la caña y acabarás pescando lo que buscas.
Zane lo tiene todo planeado: tendrá un encuentro pefecto, se enamorará y vivirán felices para siempre.
Debería ser lo suficientemente sencillo si pone todo su empeño. Un poco de creatividad e innovación y voila: se casará con la mujer de sus sueños.
Será perfecto.
Y ocurrirá ante de que le caduque el visado.
¿Pero por que se están descontrolando sus emociones ahora que la presión aprieta? ¿Por qué se está enredando tanto su plan perfecto y convirtiénose en algo que no puede comprender?
Justo a tiempo, conoce a un pofesor de inglés que lo ayudará. Incluso con su desastroso primer encuentro, este realista profesor podría ser lo que Zane necesita para ponerle los pies en la tierra y darle una oportunidad al amor.
No lances tu caña demasiado lejos, piscis. Tu presa perfecta podría haber picado ya el anzuelo.

Reseña | The hardest fall

jueves, 10 de octubre de 2019
The hardest fall, Ella Maise
TÍTULO: The hardest fall
AUTORA: Ella Maise
GÉNERO: New Adult / Deportes
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
La primera vez que ves a alguien, tus ojos entran en contacto con los suyos. Sonríes, dices hola. es algo sencillo, a menos que seas yo. La primera vez que vi a Dylan Reed, mis ojos entraron en contacto con otra parte de sus ojos. Soy muy buena siendo tímida, por no mencionar mi gran habilidad para escupir tonterías y, por degracia, también soy una experta en dejarme en evidencia delante de los chicos que me gustan.
En aquél momento, no sabía nada de él y pensé que nada de lo que había dicho importaría ya que no volveríamos a hablar de nuevo. Pero resulta que estaba equivocada. Era el receptor abierto estrella de nuestro equipo de fútbol, uno de los pocos jugadores que se esperaba que acabaría en la NFL, y terminé viéndolo por todo el campus.
Es posible que además me haya insinuado ante él, que haya huido de él, lo haya atacado con utensilios de cocina y... bueno, tal vez sea mejor que no os cuente todo. Son cosas que pasan... o al menos a mí. Al final, llegó un momento en el que ya no me podía esconder de él, y la verdad es que él tampoco me dejaba hacerlo.

Reseña | Perfect

lunes, 7 de octubre de 2019
Perfect 1, Alison G Bailey
TÍTULO: Perfect
AUTORA: Alison G. Bailey
GÉNERO: New Adult, Drama
SAGA: Perfect #1
«He estado insegura de muchas cosas en mi vida, excepto de una, y es que siempre lo he querido. Cada minuto de cada uno de los días que he estado en este mundo, mi corazón le ha pertenecido.»
Nacieron con un minuto de diferencia, y son inseparables desde niños. Amanda y Noah son almas gemelas, pero necesitarán tiempo y enfrentarse a un terrible golpe para darse cuenta de que lo que importa es el presente.