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viernes, 2 de febrero de 2024

Lot 62

Lot 62 | From Nothing, #2 | Nordika Night
Every fairytale had a villain, and this way of life was ours.

Coming from nothing and gaining something is a lot to handle. Can they hang on to it?

A year after moving in together on Lot 62, Devon and Maddox have a whole new dynamic to adjust to—cohabitation. Merging their personalities and energies into one tiny trailer is a lot to handle, but so is their relationship. There are bound to be some growing pains, and these two are about to work through them all.

As they strive to steady their relationship, they also have a horde of troubles coming their way.

Jim is out of prison with a new plan.

Devon is a product of his upbringing and doesn’t always make the smartest decisions.

Maddox runs interference while suffering the consequences of their reality.

With threats on their doorstep, Maddox and Devon learn how to prioritize the hard way. All that matters is that they’re together, and they’ll stop at nothing to ensure they are.

The future may seem bleak, but their bond and the love they share will have to get them through the dark to the future they’re dreaming about.

lunes, 29 de enero de 2024

Garron Park

Garron Park, where hope dies and no one ever gets ahead. Until…

When Devon Sawyer desperately searches for his brother in the middle of the night, beaten and broken, he finds Maddox Kane instead.

With his dad on his trail, he has no choice but to stand on his enemy’s doorstep and let Maddox help. Maddox has never seen Devon this vulnerable. Living in Garron’s trailer park means families dole out discipline on the regular and violence is a part of life, but something about how far Jim Sawyer takes it this time has Maddox unnerved.

Rivals in motocross, work, and life itself, they’re forced to work together for one night. Perspectives change and their friction morphs into something unexpected. Hatred turns to lust. Tensions switch from hostile to aroused. While their competitiveness remains, their dynamic shifts. Their acceptance is anything but graceful.

Two guys who come from nothing, with very little to look forward to, find themselves craving each other in new and fiery ways.