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jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2020

La canción del cuervo. Ravensong

La canción del cuervo. Ravensong | Greek Creek #2 | T.J. Klune

Gordo Livingstone nunca olvidó las lecciones gravadas en su piel. Endurecido por la traición de una manada que lo dejó atrás, buscó la consuelo en un garaje de su pequeño pueblo de montaña, jurando no volver a involucrarse en los asuntos de los lobos.
Debería haber sido suficiente.
Y lo fue, hasta que los lobos regresaron, y con ellos Mark Bennett. Al final, lucharon juntos contra la bestia... y ganaron.
Ahora, un año después, Gordo vuelve a ser el brujo la manada Bennett. Green Creek ha vuelto a la normalidad tras la muerte de Richard Collins, y Gordo lucha constantemente por ignorar a Mark y la canción que aúlla entre los dos.
Pero el tiempo se está agotando. Algo está en camino. Y esta vez, se está arrastrando desde dentro.
Algunos vínculos, sin importar cuán fuertes sean, están destinados a romperse.

martes, 30 de junio de 2020

Hell & high water

Hell & high water | THIRDS #1 | Charlie Cochet

When homicide detective Dexter J. Daley’s testimony helps send his partner away for murder, the consequences—and the media frenzy—aren’t far behind. He soon finds himself sans boyfriend, sans friends, and, after an unpleasant encounter in a parking garage after the trial, he’s lucky he doesn’t find himself sans teeth. Dex fears he’ll get transferred from the Human Police Force’s Sixth Precinct, or worse, get dismissed. Instead, his adoptive father—a sergeant at the Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron otherwise known as the THIRDS—pulls a few strings, and Dex gets recruited as a Defense Agent.
Dex is determined to get his life back on track and eager to get started in his new job. But his first meeting with Team Leader Sloane Brodie, who also happens to be his new jaguar Therian partner, turns disastrous. When the team is called to investigate the murders of three HumaniTherian activists, it soon becomes clear to Dex that getting his partner and the rest of the tightknit team to accept him will be a lot harder than catching the killer—and every bit as dangerous.

jueves, 18 de junio de 2020

Reseña | Superhero

Superhero | Eli Easton
TÍTULO: Superhero
AUTORA: Eli Easton
GÉNERO: Romance, Juvenil
EDITORIAL: Dreamspinner Press
It’s not easy for a young gay artist like Jordan Carson to grow up in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where all anyone seems to care about in middle school and high school are the sports teams. But Jordan was lucky. He met Owen Nelson in the second grade, and they’ve been BFFs ever since. Owen is a big, beautiful blond and their school’s champion wrestler. No one messes with Owen, or with anyone close to him, and he bucks popular opinion by keeping Jordan as his wingman even after Jordan comes out at school.

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2020

Reseña | Shades of Henry

Shades of Henry | The flophouse #1 | Amy Lane
TÍTULO: Shades of Henry
AUTORA: Amy Lane
GÉNERO: New adult, Drama
EDITORIAL: Dreamspinner Press
SAGA: The flophouse #1
One bootstrap act of integrity cost Henry Worrall everything—military career, family, and the secret boyfriend who kept Henry trapped for eleven years. Desperate, Henry shows up on his brother’s doorstep and is offered a place to live and a job as a handyman in a flophouse for young porn stars.
Lance Luna’s past gave him reasons for being in porn, but as he continues his residency at a local hospital, they now feel more like excuses. He’s got the money to move out of the flophouse and live his own life—but who needs privacy when you’re taking care of a bunch of young men who think working penises make them adults?
Lance worries Henry won’t fit in, but Henry’s got a soft spot for lost young men and a way of helping them. Just as Lance and Henry find a rhythm as den mothers, a murder and the ghosts of Henry’s abusive past intrude. Lance knows Henry’s not capable of murder, but is he capable of caring for Lance’s heart?

martes, 12 de mayo de 2020

Reseña | When everything is blue

When everything is blue | Laura Lascarso
TÍTULO: When everything is blue
AUTORA: Laura Lascarso
GÉNERO: Juvenil
EDITORIAL: Dreamspinner Press
When they were kids, Chris Mitcham rescued Theo from the neighborhood bullies and taught him how to “be cool.” Now, years later, Theo’s developed feelings for his best friend that arise at the most inopportune times. Theo hates lying to Chris, but in coming out, he might lose the one person who understands him best, a risk he’s not willing to take.
When a relationship with another young man goes south, Theo is forced to confront his own sexuality along with his growing attraction to Chris and his stunted, tenuous relationship with his father. Will Chris abandon Theo when he learns the truth, or will he stand by him in this tumultuous season of self-discovery?
In this quirky coming-of-age romance, Theo’s path to manhood is fraught with awkward firsts and a few haters, but also the unexpected comfort of a friend turned lover.