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Reseña | A kaleidoscope of butterflies

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2020
A kaleidoscope of butterflies | Christina Lee
A kaleidoscope of butterflies
AUTORA: Christina Lee
GÉNERO: New Adult, Drama
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
The last thing Emerson Rose expects is to fall for his best friend, Rhys, especially since he’s never been attracted to a man before. Everything in his life is already complicated enough. He’s put his own future on hold to raise his two younger siblings, and confusing feelings for the guy who always has his back muddy the waters even more. But then something astonishing happens. For one perfect moment, he thinks Rhys might feel the same—only to have his world come crashing down around him a second time.
Rhys Lancaster has always known he’s gay and that Emerson isn’t. Best friends since childhood, their easy companionship has usually been enough. Between his job, his adrenaline-filled adventures, and hanging out with Emerson and his siblings, he has it good…until he wakes up in the hospital with no memories of the last year of his life.
Like they normally do when things go horribly wrong, Rhys and Emerson support each other. Frustrated by all he’s lost, Rhys stays with Emerson during his recovery, and Emerson helps Rhys through the fog, while pushing those other feelings aside. To make matters worse, Rhys knows Emerson’s keeping something from him. Everything feels different now when he looks at Emerson, and as they fall into a comfortable routine, that aching desire doesn’t stay buried for long.
But Emerson has a family to raise, and Rhys is struggling to figure out what’s going on inside his head. Unless they can push past the doubts and fears to seal that connection between them again, this tragedy might become the one each has to weather alone.

Próxima novedad | Rebelde

miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2020
Rebelde | Simon Snow #2 | Rainbow Rowell
TÍTULO: Rebelde
AUTORA: Rainbow Rowell
GÉNERO: Fantasía juvenil
EDITORIAL: Alfaguara I&J
SAGA: Simon Snow #2
Esta historia es para los que quieren saber qué pasa con el Elegido después de que salve el mundo. Para los que sienten más curiosidad por el segundo beso que por el primero.
Simon Snow ha hecho todo lo que se suponía que había que hacer: vencer al malo, ganar la guerra...¡hasta se ha enamorado! Simon y Baz ya pueden vivir felices y comer perdices...
Pero entonces, ¿por qué está Simon tirado en el sofá?
Lo que necesita, según su mejor amiga, es un cambio de aires. Y así es como Simon, Penny, y Baz terminan cruzando el salvaje Oeste americano en un descapotable antiguo.
Venga, Simon Snow. Aunque tu heroica misión haya terminado, tu vida no ha hecho más que empezar.

Reseña | Silk & Steel

lunes, 17 de agosto de 2020
Silk & Steel | Silk & Steel #1 | Ariana Nash
Silk & Steel
AUTORA: Ariana Nash
GÉNERO: Fantasía
EDITORIAL: Crazy Ace Publishing
SAGA: Silk & Steel #1
Eroan, one of the last elven assassins, lives for one purpose: kill the queen.
He would have succeeded if not for her last line of defense: Prince Lysander. Now, captured and forced into the queen’s harem, Eroan sees another opportunity. Why kill just the queen when he can kill them all? It would be simple, if not for the troubled and alluring dragon prince. A warrior, a killer, and something else… something Eroan finds himself inexplicably drawn to.
Trapped in a life he despises, Lysander knows his time is running out.
If the queen doesn’t kill him for his failures, her enemies will. There’s nothing left to live for, until an elf assassin almost kills him. A stubborn, prideful, fool of an elf who doesn’t know when to quit. An elf who sparks a violent, forbidden desire in Lysander. If Lysander can’t save himself, maybe he can save the elf and maybe, just maybe… one stubborn elf will be enough to bring down the queen before her reign brings death to them all.

Reseña | Honeythorn

viernes, 14 de agosto de 2020
Honeythorn | Marina Vivancos
AUTORA: Marina Vivancos
GÉNERO: Omegaverse, Romance histórico
EDITORIAL: Autopublicado
Omega Milan Pryor knows his duty. He must travel North through the continent towards the snow, the cold, and his new betrothed. They say that Lord Alpha Raphael Ledford, the man he is to marry, is as artic as the weather of his land. But Milan has always been an optimist. Perhaps he might find friendship in the arranged marriage. Even love.
It doesn’t take long for Milan to realize that all the rumours about Lord Raphael are true. Reclusive, distant, frigid. Milan finds himself unwelcome in what he must now call his new home. He’s used to fighting for what he wants—but can he survive a husband as cruel as Lord Raphael?
Being bonded to one who rejects you is a painful thing. Will Milan be able to win his husband’s regard? What terrible secret is Lord Raphael keeping, and will Milan be able to discover it before it’s too late?
Or will Milan perish along with his heart?

Reseña | Takes two to tackle

viernes, 7 de agosto de 2020
Takes two to tackle | Santa Fe Bobcats #3 | Jeanette Murray
Takes two to tackle
AUTORA: Jeanette Murray
GÉNERO: Romance contemporáneo, Deportes
SAGA: Santa Fe Bobcats #3
Sometimes faking it is your only option...
Football player Stephen Harrison has hit rock bottom—he’s fresh out of rehab, lost too much weight to be an effective offensive lineman, and has no support system in place. The Bobcats staff suggests he get a life coach to keep him sober and get him back into playing shape, but Stephen says his girlfriend will help. Too bad he doesn’t have one...
Luckily for Stephen, he does have a housekeeper. Margaret has always dreamed of starting her own elite cleaning service, and the money Stephen offers her to play the part of girlfriend is too good to pass up. But while Mags is helping Stephen bulk up and get ready for training camp, she can’t seem to block the feelings crashing into her heart. And one night of passion will pull both of their heads out of the game...

Wrap up | Julio 2020

miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2020
¡Buenos días! ♥

Este mes de julio he relajado bastante el ritmo de lectura. Como sabéis, los últimos meses el tiempo que dedicaba a leer/ver series/ver pelis o actividades similares las he dedicado casi exclusivamente a la lectura; secillamente, era lo que me apetecía. Este mes, sin embargo, me he topado con un par de lecturas que me han hecho frenar el ritmo, lecturas que no me han convencido y que han hecho que me cueste ponerme a leer... y a finales de mes me puse a jugar al Assassin's Creed II, que lo tenía en Steam cogiendo polvo virtual desde hace eones... ¡y no pude parar! Menudo vicio (y tengo los dos siguientes juegos, así que...).

Lo que he leído

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